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I’ve always been someone who loves to do their own nails at home. It’s quick, easy and saves a ton of money. Once warmer weather rolls around, I’m instantly switching my dark moody reds and burgundy hues for orange and red polishes instead. It’s the swap I can’t wait to make each spring and summer. I couldn’t possibly wear these shades in the winter. Hard stop. I could only wear these nail polish colors for fall and winter.

Sunkissed skin just pairs so perfectly with an orange-red polish. A favorite for years was OPI Cajun Shrimp. And more recently I tried the Olive & June in Lava. A near-identical shade, but I prefer the formulation of Olive & June much better. Better brush too for applying if you ask me. PS get 20% off the Olive & June mani system just by clicking here. Discount will be automatically applied when you add a mani-system to your cart. Below are a few more favorite orange-red nail polish colors to choose from.

Summer Nail Polish Color

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In addition to a fiery orange-red for summer, I also love a few other shades. Although they may not get as much attention as my Lava and Cajun Shrimp, they’re still solid summer nail polish colors to try. For one, I love a good classic white. It’s perfection against a good tan! No need to stress too much about the perfect shade of white. White is white is white. Just go for one that’s super pigmented and not sheer, literally just like wite-out. But if you’re looking for another spring option, there are some occasions I may branch out of these two options. For me, the only other option is pastels. They’re always a nice choice that’s muted and perfect for spring. From pretty lilacs to dusty blues, these are a great option that’s neutral but still has a bit of color to them.

What’s your favorite go to summer nail polish color?

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