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As the weather begins to warm up for spring and summer, I am finding myself reach for my dresses so much more. They’re comfortable and perfect for warmer days. I’ve noticed a trend in my closet though of the type of dress I love to wear. And after styling this pretty Madewell floral midi dress I definitely realized that this is one of my go to dress silhouettes.

Over the years I’ve definitely tried nearly every dress silhouette trying to find my perfect style. I even bought today’s print in a different silhouette to try something new again. Boy, how wrong I was. Below is a side-by-side of how a silhouette can totally transform your body shape. A cinched waist is a must for me. And I also usually prefer a more open neck especially if the dress is not super form-fitting. Can you believe the difference?!

What’s Your Favorite Dress Silhouette

One Of My Favorite Dress Silhouettes

When I look through my closet and even past blog posts, it’s very clear that I love something that shows off my figure. As someone who is a bit curvy, I’ve got boobs and hips and a butt, I actually find showing my shape helps me look taller and leaner. This can easily be helped along with a belt like this Isabel Marant one that I’m loving. A total splurge but worth it! Or a dress that comes cinched already. And wrap dresses too! As for the length, I typically reach for minis or midis the most!

And if something is a bit looser in the body, I find if it’s at least fitted around the waist and open in the chest and neck area, it helps big time! It elongates the neck and creates a waist before a more flowy skirt. This is essential for me with maxi dresses. I don’t typically find myself in a maxi often as they can make me feel a bit sloppy. But I have found a few that I have liked and they all fit the same silhouette requirements. Like this yellow printed one that I love and my favorite orange maxi. They have a fitted waist and my neck isn’t totally covered up.

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Cinched Waist Madewell Midi Floral Dress
What's Your Favorite Dress Silhouette

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