Watch-Inspired Eyewear Collections : The OMEGA Eyewear Collection – SWF

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The OMEGA eyewear collection draws an intersection between watchmaking and luxurious eyewear to create uniquely elegant frames. Ideal for the summer months, OMEGA’s line of eyewear boasts exquisite watch-inspired details.

Elegance and craftsmanship come together to form this timeless design by the Swiss brand. Taking inspiration from the company’s world-famous watches, OMEGA launched two styles of women’s eyewear.

The Women’s Round Style points to OMEGA’s historical prominence with watch crafting through its timepiece landscape. Its Round metal framing bears the icon watch crown logo and a unique wave pattern. The Women’s Cat Eye frames boast a contemporary style. Wave patterns accentuate the design’s unique shape, while the OMEGA logo is subtly inserted on the lens.

Image Credit: OMEGA Watches

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