Virtual Cryptofashion Events : Crypto Fashion Week – SWF

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Crypto Fashion Week kicked off in February and it explored the future of cryptofashion, or digital fashion that may be traded and authenticated on the blockchain. The blockchain-powered digital fashion event featured workshops, exhibitions and conversations hosted across various social platforms that united designers, artists, technology fans and more.

Since the start of the pandemic, mainstream fashion has made more of a shift into the virtual world, and even before that, digital fashion was being explored with online experiences, augmented reality try-ons, and authenticated collectibles.

Going forward, the creators of Crypto Fashion Week hope that it can carry the conversation forward, and support the emerging digital fashion sector. co-organizer of Crypto Fashion Week, Lady Phe0nix says “Digital fashion might overtake physical sales sooner than we think. Especially now, during COVID, people aren’t really dressing to impress anywhere but the Internet.”

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