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You either love them or hate them. Or find yourself cutting them in order to change your life around from a bad breakup. We’ve all been there. I grew up with bangs. Heavy bangs for years, actually. They were adorable. Then I did the whole side-swept bang thanks to the early 2000s. Those may have been the worst but also the most unforgettable.

But I do love a good straight across bang till this day. They’re just so good. Sometimes. That’s the kicker.

It never fails though. Every few years, a new bang style arises and makes me question, hmmm, should I cut bangs? Although 90s fashion might be having some bizarre comeback. I mean, can we just say no to low-rise jeans, please? Forever? But we aren’t apparently! The thing I’m totally fine with coming back is anything and everything from the 70s. Including the curtain bang trend that seems to be everywhere. If my hair was long, I think I would have 100% jumped in on this trend already. It’s an easy transition and non-commital bang move for sure. So much easier to grow out too.

Sometimes I feel the need for a change and want to just go for it. Then I’m always reminded of how absolutely miserable they are to grow out. It’s the never-ending cycle of “do I want bangs or don’t I?”. If bangs were as easy to switch out as your jeans, man, I would have bangs every few days I think. Sure, there’s the clip in styles you can totally do. But I don’t know if those are for me. Was never one for extensions either. I just like my hair to be my hair I suppose.

Anyone else find themselves in this dilemma every so often?

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