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Saie Clean Beauty Review

I have found myself reaching for a few Saie Beauty products lately more than anything else in my makeup bag. This is a new to me beauty brand that I am LOVING. So much so, I had to write a whole post on it. Saie Beauty is a clean beauty brand that was recently launched by Laney Crowell bck in 2019. It’s brand new to the beauty scene and for good reason. Whether you aim to swap out your products for “clean” ones, or just want good makeup, Saie is a great option. To be fully transparent, I could honestly care less about clean beauty. But when something works and I like it, I want to share it. And that’s Saie Beauty. And it just so happens to also keep clean beauty and sustainability top of mind in their formulas and even in their packaging.

I’m sure you’re wondering too, how the hell do you pronounce Saie?! I thought the same thing and finally heard someone say it on Instagram. It’s simply pronounced like the word “say”.

But back to the products and the brand. I got started with this brand when I tried their Slip Tint. And now I find myself reaching for several products often. I’ve tried nearly every product in their minimal collection and am sharing my full review below. Plus, the Sephora sale ends today so be sure to snag these (yes, they’re now available at Sephora!) with code OMGSPRING.

Saie Clean Beauty Review

Saie Beauty Slip Tint

This slip tint is a dewy tinted moisturizer that has light coverage. As someone who is very oily, I can be extremely picky about anything that claims to be dewy. And honestly, usually, avoid it. But this actually isn’t TOO dewy and I really like the natural look it gives. I also find just setting it with a setting powder is the way to go to make it look super nautral! With clean SPF 35 thanks to Zinc and even hyaluronic acid for added hydrating, this tinted moisturizer also does the work! This tinted moisturizer comes in 10 shades and is $32. And a little goes a long way.

Shop The Saie Beauty Slip Tint Here

Dew Blush Liquid Cheek Flush

I’ve recently fallen in love with cream contour (hello love this product) and so adding a cream blush was a natural next step. I add a thin strip of this above my contour and stipple into the skin. It’s much more like a thick liquid, than a compact cream like a cream stick. I love the poppy shade; nice and bright. But also have been liking peachy which is, well, more peach than pink! I really love that they’re pigmented enough that I don’t need a ton of product. They come in 4 shades.

Shop Saie Beauty Dew Blush Liquid Cheek Flush

Glowy Super Gel Lightweight Highlighter

This is a great luminizer that can be worn by itself for a nice little glow, or mixed with your foundation. It claims to be able to be used as a primer but as a very oily person, I have not found this to be useful for that. I stick to my Fenty Beauty primer or Smashbox primer. But I do like it for a no-makeup look for those days you just want a little glow without all the fuss. You can apply it to your entire face, or apply it just to where you’d apply any highlighter. I’d say this is for someone who either loves makeup and loves having tons of things to play around with, or someone who isn’t into makeup and wants something light and easy to deal with. This gel highlighter comes in two colors, universal champagne and warm golden bronze.

Not only is this a great highlighter, but the product formulation is great for your skin. With plant derived glycerin, rose hip and vitamin C, this is a powerhouse product that not only gives you a nice glow but hydrates and strengthens your skin.

Shop Saie Beauty Glowy Super Gel

Mascara 101

I’m a bit picky when it comes to my mascaras and have been wearing L’Oreal for years now. My eyes just get itchy with some mascaras and that is always a test for me. This Mascara 101 from Saie Beauty did not get super itchy for me and I did like that it was pretty good at creating a thick, full lash. I wouldn’t say this is anything to write home about in my honest opinion. But if you’re looking specifically for clean mascaras, you may want to give this a try. I definitely prefer this one over Ilia’s as that one definitely made my eyes itchy and wasn’t blown away. This Saie mascara 101 is a best seller for a reason! This formula is also created with a hydra-mineral complex to strengthen lashes. It also keeps it from getting dry and flaky.

Shop Saie Beauty Mascara 101

A Few Other Saie Products

Saie offers a few other products like their hydrating treatment lip gloss. I’ve tried but in all honesty, I’m not a lipgloss fan and never will be so I personally skip this. People do They also have another highlighter option, their bouncy marshmallow highlighter. And lastly their brow butter brow gel. Not a big eye gel wearer either so I’ve skipped this product as well. But this brow product comes in clear and other shades to get the perfect match.

The Packaging

If you buy direct from Saie, their packaging is the best. Instead of using peanuts or plastic filler, they ship your product with a bag of cotton balls to keep your products safe. And then you can use their cotton balls making sustainable packaging the most genius ever. Such a sustainable and eco-friendly way to ship. When I got my first order directly from Saie and opened it up, I literally smiled and thought “omg this is so smart”. I loved this attention to detail.

Photo by Hannah Lozano

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