Reformation Dress Size Review

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A few years back I finally ordered my first ever Reformation pieces. I remember shopping in their Soho store years and years ago and just swooning over everything. But remember being so frustrated in the dressing room at not only all the sizes I grabbed not fitting me right, but also the price tag. Fast forward a few more years and I ended up trying the brand again and so glad I did.

I’m a fan of Reformation for a few reasons. I love that they’re a sustainable fashion line and aims to make eco-friendly a true pillar of their brand values. Reformation has also really nailed the gorgeous dress that truly flatters a woman’s body. And the fabrics they choose are always so pretty and oftentimes, sustainable. But I know from my own experience, knowing what size to order is a struggle and it’s why I slept on this brand for as long as I did. So let’s chat sizing so you can shop more confidently.

Before I get into this review, I also want to share my own sizing for reference. I’m 5’5″ and weigh 140 lbs. I’m a 32DD bra and find myself usually taking a S or 4/27 in Madewell, LOFT and a majority of most of my brands. In Abercrombie, I usually size up for a more comfortable fit and find myself in either a S or M and usually a 4 or 28. I’d say Reformation is more similar to my Abercrombie sizing than Madewell in that I can be in between more easily. My hard to fit point on my body is definitely my ribcage as it sticks out for me. I find I need to size up to fit my ribcage in Reformation and Abercrombie.

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Introducing Reformation

Reformation Dress Size Review

Is It True To Size?

I suppose this is all subjective, but I find Reformation runs a tad small. And I find this to usually be an issue in the bust and ribcage area for myself. Which as I mentioned, is my fit pain point oftentimes. Their denim definitely runs small and I recommend sizing up at least one size. As far as dresses and skirts, I typically find myself picking up my usual size, but sometimes can be more comfortable in the next size up. And for fitted tops, I almost always size up.

Do They Offer Petites? Plus size?

Yes! I love that Reformation offers petites and also extended sizing up to 3X.

My Usual Size

I’ve owned a few of their dresses that vary in style, fabric and fit and find myself either in the small or medium, or the 4 or 6. I have found that it really comes down to the fabric and style of a piece that will have me going up or down in these two sizes. After looking through my closet and checking the sizes on all my Reformation pieces, the majority of them are a small.

I have found, the more relaxed a style or fit is, I’m usually in the small or 4. If it’s a more fitted item with a fabric that doesn’t give much, I typically go up to a 6. In all their wrap dresses, I’m usually a size small.

What To Wear Under Reformation Dresses

Let’s talk about this because it’s definitely a thing you need to consider. I have found that their wrap dresses require a different bra than a classic cup bra. I almost always wear this lace bra with them. Have a whole post on why I love it here. And because many of their dresses are wrap dresses, I find myself reaching for my half slip. It just makes me feel a little more comfortable and covered. You could also go for some of what I call “lazy SPANX” and have a whole list of my favorites here. Many of their dresses are also super short, so it’s nice to have a short underneath for added confidence. I know this sounds a bit annoying. But if you buy a dress that really requires something underneath and you DON’T buy the right pieces for it, you’ll never wear it. It’s a small investment and thankfully these things last forever as they don’t get worn a ton.

Shop The Best Reformation Dresses

I’m always wanting just about everything from Reformation. I just love how their dresses fit and look. You’re guaranteed a compliment on them when you put one on and head out the door. They also oftentimes keep some of their classic styles season after season and just update them in fresh colors or fabrics. These are some of the best dresses to shop from Reformation.

Quintessential Reformation

There are a few signature Reformation dress styles that when you see them, you know it’s Reformation. Below are what to me are a quintessential Reformation dress. And they usually include a great mini wrap dress or a midi dress that hugs the body in all the right spots. Plus, they’re known for a good high slit. Somehow they just always work and are oh so flattering.

Party Dresses

If you have a party or event to go to, this is a go to brand for me to reach for. From attending a wedding to a summer soiree or even a holiday party, they always have the best party dresses that are so very sexy. They even have dresses that could 100% work for a wedding dress or reception dress for brides. They’re definitely a certain vibe, but it’s a vibe I love! And this could even be a great option for bridesmaid dresses and you know your girlfriends will want to keep this one for years to come.

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