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The tie dye trend is definitely here for another season. And although I’m not it’s BIGGEST fan, I do sure love a muted version of it. You won’t be seeing me in any neon hues or bright colors. But give me the muted shades and less contrasty tie-dye are definitely calling my name. I find myself wanting to reach for my favorite colors even for tie-dye. Shades of green, blues and nudes. I don’t think I’ll ever be buying a pink tie-dye top anytime soon. So just like I shop for new clothing in my favorite shades, the same goes for tie-dye. Even though it’s a popular trend, doesn’t mean you have to stray from your usual color palette.

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Photos by Hannah Lozano

Muted Tie Dye Clothing To Shop For Spring

While browsing for tie-dye clothing for spring, I found tons of great pieces. From rompers, to shorts, tops, dresses and even swimwear. So much to choose from. If you’re looking to add a piece or two to your closet, I’ve got you covered. For me, I’m only really reaching for a top or two like this Madewell tie-dye sweatshirt that will be great with jeans or shorts. And maybe just maybe a little summer top or two. With any popular trend I try not to spend too much as I know they won’t always be here forever.

Tie Dye Loungewear

If you’re not yet sick of loungewear, there’s still tons of great options. I’m still embracing loungewear and have been using my styling tricks in this post to make it appropriate for wearing in public.

Tie Dye Everyday Clothing

If you’re ready for REAL clothes, there are so many cute pieces in this fun tie-dye trend. From swimwear to dresses, jeans and tops. The options are endless. I personally am loving the tie-dye swim idea and think that’s a fun addition for summer. I’m also eyeing this concert tee in a pretty muted peachy tie-dye. As someone who is concert tee obsessed, this is a great way to embrace a new trend while sticking to my tried and true favorites.

Tie Dye Everyday Clothing
Subtle Tie Dye outfit
madewell sweatshirt


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