Mixed-Material Eyewear Frames : New Classics Collection – SWF

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Cutting-edge alternative eyewear company, Warby Parker, launched its New Classics collection. The affordable brand’s upcoming release features a series of mixed-material frames. Warby Parker combines the company’s favorite features from past designs with a fresh construction style.

The launch includes four sleek easy-to-wear shapes, ranging in a variety of modern and classic hues. From warm tortoise colors to black, and from vivid crystals to blues, and greens, this collection caters to individuality. Each style is available in both eyeglasses and sunglasses to help customers accessorize for every occasion. Customers can also add a blue-light filter to their lenses.

The New Classics collection relies on a family owned factory in Italy to handcraft and assemble its complex mixed-material frames.

Image Credit: Warby Parker

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