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It’s no secret that I am a jeans kind of girl. I have an overwhelming collection of denim and they are mostly from, you guessed it, Madewell. The thing I love about jeans is that they’re so comfortable and so versatile. You can create a multitude of outfits from dressy to casual, and even take them from season to season. And when jeans fit perfectly you also feel confident and sexy in them. To me, they’re a must-have in any closet. You may not need all these pairs of jeans that I’m going to share today, but finding the denim fits you love and feel your best in can make all the difference in putting together outfits and completing your wardrobe.

When I shop for jeans, I look for a few things. I like jeans with a little bit of stretch, anything less than 2% is ideal. 100% cotton can be a bit tricky but if you’re willing to break them in, they can be really comfortable and last you forever. I always recommend trying on lots of jeans. Different styles sizes and washes until you find ones you like. And you never know which ones may look good on you, or not!

When finding your perfect fitting jeans, they should always be ever so slightly snug as they will definitely give a bit once you wear them. You’ll even notice that if you wear them in the store for a few minutes while trying on other things, they’ll start to give. This is especially true for jeans with stretch. A little insider tip from a former denim salesperson at Nordstrom, yours truly!

Photos by Hannah Lozano

Madewell Jeans Review

I’m going to preface this entire list of great denim from Madewell with a few things. First, I am typically a size 27 in most jeans at Madewell. Sometimes a 26. This is for sure a bit of vanity sizing because I haven’t been a 26 since my college days. I recommend getting a few sizes when trying to find your fit because I have found it can vary even within the same style sometimes. As far as caring for your jeans, check out this post. I NEVER dry my jeans ever. Unless they are too big and stretched out too much. And lastly, I don’t believe in getting my jeans hemmed. Instead, I just take a pair of scissors to them. You can see my tutorial here. And no, they do not fall apart like crazy with fraying. They also have petite regular and tall fits as well. Now let’s get into my favorite pairs of Madewell jeans.

The Vintage Jeans

The vintage jeans are probably some of my favorite pair of Madewell jeans I own. The perfect vintage jean in the coffey wash is a personal go-to seen here! The vintage jeans come in a higher rise and have a slim tapered leg. Not quite a classic straight leg, but just enough! These are kind of like a mom jean if you will. But better! As a matter of fact, there’s a style called the mom jean! This is definitely my answer to Gen Z when they say skinny style jeans are out. But yes, I still wear skinny jeans and I love them! With 95 to 96% cotton, 2-3% poly and 1% elastene, these jeans have some stretch but not a ton.

Perfect Vintage Jean

These have been my GO TO! You’ve seen them here and I just love them so much. This style comes in a few different washes and lengths. Ankle, crop and full length and then some. Plus, so many washes from light washes, to dark and even black washed denim. I also love the worn-in edition. The ripped and worn-in areas are perfect, and not too distressed for my liking. I love them so much.

Perfect Vintage Jean in Vintage Canvas

In addition to classic denim, the perfect vintage jean also comes in a vintage canvas. I’ve tried them, and didn’t love them. But have seen them on other people and have liked them. They make for a great spring and summer jean as they come in lighter washes too.

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The Skinny Jeans

Roadtripper Jeans

These high rise skinny jeans come in a few different styles within the Roadtripper umbrella. These are a classic skinny jean and usually pretty snug through the ankle. They come in different washes, lengths and some even have a split hem too. And there are also varying inseams and rises as well. Some are a 9-inch rise, up to 11 inch which is basically past your belly button. Plus, a few distressed options as well. I think every closet should have a great pair of skinny jeans that fit and feel great that you can dress up or down. And usually, I recommend a darker wash for doing just that.

The Roadtripper jeans have a lot more polyester in them making them hug your body and fit perfectly. I love wearing my skinny jeans with oversized sweaters in the fall and winter, to graphic tees and chucks in the spring. Because they’re skinny, I like that you can balance it out with something more blousy too. They also are great for business casual with a blazer, camisole and a classic pump. Such a versatile pair of jeans to own!

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The Curvy Jeans Collection

We’re seeing more curvy fits at more brands lately which I think is AMAZING. The curvy fit denim takes into account a true hourglass figure. For those of you with a more narrow waist and wider hips, these will hug you perfectly in the hips and not gape in the waist. If you know, you know! There are a few styles that come in a curvy fit so that you can get you pefect fit from the perfect vintage jean, to Roadtripper skinnies, demi boot cut and more. Curvy fits also come in petites regular and tall.

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The Demi Boot Jeans

This style of jeans I’m kind of on the fence with. I think this style works for taller people and not people like me with short stubby legs. The demi boot jean is either a mid or high rise jean that’s skinny but has a mini crop kick flare. And oftentimes with a raw hem. It’s definitely an acquired look and one I don’t feel like I can personally pull off. Yet, I love it on people who can pull it off. It feels like a more hip, boho kind of vibe for a jean. I do love these paired with a mule, tee and cardigan. I think they’re a great jean for fall as a way to show off your booties and mules!

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Other Jean Styles At Madewell

Balloon Jeans

This is a newer style from Madewell and they’re definitely, well, ballooned. They have a high waist and are loose through the hip and thigh with a very relaxed leg. I’m personally not into them. But again, some people can rock them!

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Wide Leg Jeans & Slim Wide Leg

Right now wide leg is not having a major moment at Madewell. However, I own two pairs from a few years ago that fit great, look amazing and I’ll never get rid of them. I love a high waist wide leg flared jean. They also sometimes do a slim wide leg crop. Not a true wide 70s flared. But the perfect culotte kind of vibe. Here’s an example of a favorite pair I love and wear often. This is a personal favorite style and right now they have a few options to choose from. They’re great for summer paired with espadrilles and a summer tank.

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Boyfriend Jeans

I personally ditched boyfriend jeans a few years ago and feel like they’ve been replaced by the perfect vintage jean. Honestly, i should revisit this style since they are a more relaxed waist, hip and leg without feeling sloppy.

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