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The Teletubbies Pride Collection is being launched by WildBrain to help highlight playful inclusivity for Pride Month 2021. The collection includes a range of clothing and accessories that are all themed with the namesake children’s show characters and will see a portion of every purchase donated to GLAAD thanks to a new partnership. The styles call to mind a number of 90s-inspired style aesthetics, which no doubt calls to mind the children’s show era that was originally launched in 1997.

Chief Brands Officer at WildBrain Michael Riley commented on the new Teletubbies Pride Collection saying, “The Teletubbies have always embraced their own offbeat quirkiness and sense of style. This Pride Month, we’re celebrating that ‘love who you are’ spirit through our Collection of ready-to-rave fashion that makes Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po very proud. We’ve taken the most iconic elements fans know and love about the Teletubbies and designed a playful Collection with fashion flair that we hope fans will love to wear this Pride Month and all year-long.”

Image Credit: WildBrain

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