Genderless Eco Denim : diesel library – SWF

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Diesel Library is a new project that supports Diesel’s sustainability strategy for the Spring/Summer 2022 season and beyond. The collection takes a genderless approach to design and it focuses on styles that are long-lasting and evergreen. The debut collection from creative director Glenn Martens is set to feature items like trousers, jackets, tops, and skirts. According to the brand, about 50% of the denim collection is set to have a permanent shelf life.

Pieces from the Diesel Library will be mindfully made with fibers, washes and treatments that have been chosen for being environmentally friendly, low-impact and conservative with their use of resources. Within the collections, fans can expect to find metal buttons without galvanized treatments, inner labels made from recycled materials and hangtags made with FSC certified materials.

Xoxo 💋 The Select Fashion Team