Comfort-Focused Linen Collections : stretch linen – SWF

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Linen has a reputation for being unforgiving with more stiffness and less elasticity than cotton and Universal Standard is enhancing the benefits of this classic material with custom stretch linen. The brand’s limited-edition collection shares summery pieces like jumpsuits, tunics, shorts, pants and shirt dresses that are more stretchy and forgiving than regular linen. “If you can develop a linen that looks like classic linen, but has that stretch, it’s more comfortable for anyone who wears it regardless of size,” says Alexandra Waldman, Chief Creative Officer at Universal Standard.

The brand’s elegant and inclusive stretch linen designs can be found in sizes from 00 to 40 and colors like Golden Sand and Washed Indigo. The collection combines linen with rayon and elastane to achieve its softness, texture and comfortable high-stretch qualities.

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