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In today’s Splurge or Save we are spotlighting two brands that always inspire envy and a “Where is that from?” inquiry:


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Seen on many celebrities as of late, Bottega Veneta has taken the fashion world by storm as the new “it” designer. From their chic, woven bags to their enviable shoes, this brand is super hot right now.

Bottega’s shoes range from casual to formal, and can be seen worn with gowns and destroyed denim alike. We love the versatility of their pieces, and the way they blend seamlessly with any outfit while still making a stylish statement.

If you love them as much as we do, you’ve probably searched for look-a-likes that are a tad easier on the wallet…but just as pleasing to the eye! Look no further than our favorite dupes—featured in the collage above!

Next up is a quality brand, and although not considered “budget friendly” by most, their pieces are known for their comfy fabrics that make the price worth it for some. We found a close second in a trendy sage green shade from Amazon for one quarter of the cost that you will love!

Paired with the quilted slides, this look is perfect for street style or leaving the gym after a sweat session. Who doesn’t love sandals to jump into on the go? You’ll be wearing this all summer!



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